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We believe in the enduring ability of built form to transform human behaviour and profoundly affect the communities & individuals they serve; in this endeavour we are dedicated to relentlessly nurturing ideas and design that will inspire for ages to come.

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Design  Services


We believe design is a process of problem solving and successful design solutions are the result of a comprehensive program that addresses conflicting elements of aesthetics, cost, durability and environmental responsibility.

From the early design stages, we plan for the diverse use of a project through its whole life-cycle. Every one of our commissioned work is unique and diverse as its users. We work relentlessly to bring your dream projects to life. 

We provide Architecture Design across a broad range of projects as below:

  1. Residential  

  2. Commercial & Offices

  3. Hospitality 

  4. Religious 

  5. Healthcare 

  6. Educational 

  7. Industrial & Infrastructure


We offer a Fully Integrated Design Service providing everything needed to Plan, Produce, Prepare and Price your Project. 

In addition to our design services we also provided BUILD services. 


We provide efficient, cost-effective planning and engineering services to develop projects that meet your specific functional, aesthetic and environmental goals.

Our experienced civil/site engineers work closely with architects, landscape architects, geotechnical engineers and surveyors to meet the needs of owners, contractors, and institutional and government agencies.

We add value to our projects by listening carefully to our clients in order to ensure that we align with their objectives and the needs of building occupants, in addition to delivering structures that are safe, sustainable and cost-effective.

We seek to deliver flexible solutions able to adapt to future needs, while optimizing the building structure to maximize property value.


We provide outputs specially tailored to Client needs and provide end-to-end services upon the areas as highlighted below.

  1. Structural Design 

  2. MEP (Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing) Design 

  3. Costing & Estimation

  4. Construction Scheduling & Tracking  

  5. Drafting 

  6. HVAC Design 

  7. Drainage Design


Whether it's a university campus, church campus, a resort or an office complex, we take great care in building a solid vision of a site’s future potential. 


Master planning involves strategic, long-term planning. We are here to collaborate with you on master plans that fulfil your requirements, goals, and standards, both now and in the future.


Some of our key services include:

  • Land use and zoning

  • Transport, Pedestrian and infrastructure plan

  • Strategic vision plan


Our interiors are based upon acknowledging the place, culture and activity but are not bounded by style or theme. We believe good interiors should complement a lifestyle with the desired ambiance aspiration.

We design to engage the human senses, create a positive ambience that has a lasting relevance and quality that elevates everyday activities.  

Our designers work closely with architects, engineers, acoustic consultants and lighting designers as per project needs to bring your vision to life.

  1. Interior Design 

  2. Interior Styling & Staging

  3. Acoustic Design

  4. Lighting Design


We offer project management services. Our knowledge of local market built over years of operating in Nagaland, combined with technical expertise ensure smooth delivery of your projects from inception to completion.


We monitor construction schedules, cost, progress and quality while providing support services such as instruction or clarification to sub contractors as required. 

To minimize the negative impact on a building from construction methods and outside elements, we conduct research on a per-project basis to recommend the best strategies. 

We provide outputs specially tailored to Client needs and provide end-to-end services upon the areas as highlighted below:

  1. Project Scheduling

  2. Coordination with all Professional Agencies

  3. Development of Budgets

  4. Cost Estimation

  5. Prequalification of Contractors

  6. Preparation of Construction Packages

  7. Coordinating Construction stages

  8. Quality Control throughout the entire stage

Build  Services

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